Thursday, December 02, 2010

We Love Projects

Well, at least I do! :D My husband's family bought us a used play center. This first pic is of the back that is not painted yet.

I went and got some collonial red paint and only did the front so far.  Next, I have to get the green for the windows, yellow for stepping stones, and white for climbing wall.  I'm basically bringing it back to it's original colors before sun faded it.  I love doing stuff like this.  :) I think I will buy plastic paint for the other parts that are faded like the canapy and other parts. 

I love watching the kids play outside like kids should.  I mean, I'm not against video games but it's so nice seeing the kids run around and play with each other. 

The boys have had the trampoline for awhile but they still love jumping on it ever day. I'm impressed. I thought they would get bored of it but they love it. Even the neighbor kids come and jump on it. The boys wanted to introduce it to baby Caleb but I say "No way.  Not time yet."  :)  Haha. 

Caleb is just so happy to toddle around the backyard now. Once he could walk, I let him explore. He looks like a little explorer too.  He is so fascinated by the sticks, rocks, dirt, grass. He hasn't even noticed the play houses.  To him, it's new land. 

I love watching babies learn.

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