Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Orphanage to Mental Institution

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Godtube asked me for a video that they could use to show their audience.  I didn't have one so I figured it was good time to make one.  After watching the original story on it and crying and crying, I finally set out to make this one.  It took about 9 hours but finally finished it at 3am.  I hope it touches your heart like it touched mine making it.  I had to watch it about 50 times while editing and working out the bugs so the song and images really sank in.  REALLY SANK IN. 

We are in a bubble.  Our life is cushioned by shopping, sports, friends, family, money, jobs, etc.  It's easy to turn a blind eye to something that is not right in front of my face every day.  We have it really, really good. 

Then there are little ones that are waiting to be rescued.  Some have families waiting but just don't have the funding.  Even if we can't adopt, we could provide the funds for a family that can. 

Let's rescue Kareen before she has to be transferred to the mental institution forever.  We made a difference for Olga.  Let's do it for Kareen!

HER DIRECT LINK IS: http://reecesrainbow.org/kareen-35-2

REMEMBER: If you didn't see what I said at the top, Patti, who started all this for these precious girls, is hosting an iPad Giveaway on her blog.  So if you donated, please go to http://babynumber10.blogspot.com/ to leave a comment that you did.
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