Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kids Christmas Play 2010

It is always so fun watching kid plays because there is so much that can happen. It's never expected to be perfect, I hope not, and it's always neat to see which kids are shy and which ones have not a nervous bone in their body. Really cute stuff happened like a little girl tearing up during her really sweet solo. I have to add that picture (Gotta get it to show you). This is my friend's daughter that you see above.  She could hardly finish her solo because her voice was shaking and she was trying so hard not to cry.  Everyone's heart melted for her. After she was done, she took her friend's hand for comfort. Sniff.....  we all wanted to cry for her!

The play was about going through time so different groups of kids had to dress in different eras. The pictures above are obviously the '80's.  I love the leg warmers and scrunchies!

Ashley smiling to me from stage
 Ashley, my 3 year old, asked if I would paint her nails to match her dress so she was showing people all night her pretty nails. Most of the time she didn't sing.  She just kept waving and waving to us.  Smiling and posing.  Then she would start to cry, look over to us, then smile again. 

Chaz is the one lifting up his glasses
 Chaz, above, was doing the 50's era but we weren't able to find a black jacket in time for the play.  Turns out, none of the other parents could either.  So I didn't feel so bad! 

Ivy in bright pink dress and waving
 Ivy, above was dancing big time on the stage. Here they would be singing "Oh Holy niiiiiiight!" and there is Ivy dancing her heart out. Spinning around.  She just has no stage fright.

Ryan smiling to me from stage
 I still have no idea what Ryan's, above, era was supposed to be. Plaid shirt, untucked, and unbuttoned. I racked my brain but even he didn't know. Maybe 90's?  Not sure.

Kyle is in the center raising his hands
 At one point, Kyle took the group mic, lowered it to himself, and just sang right into it!  We were just sitting back and listening when all of a sudden we could hear one kid really, really loud just singing his heart out. Once they found the culprit, my son, they put the mic back.  Charles and I were laughing and laughing!

Little kid playing 70's era.  He was so little but doing disco dancing with his arms. 
 I had to share picture above because we were all laughing so hard when the kids came out from the 70's era.  They were dressed perfect for it and playing the parts really good.  It was so cute!  Of course it ended with the time machine taking them to the birth of Jesus.  The funny part is that they forgot the baby so one of the kids grabbed the nearest box of tissue and they all bowed around it.  LOLOL.
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