Monday, December 13, 2010

Giveaway Extended

We are keeping Olga as top priority but scroll down below this to see my latest blog entry.  ;)


We are still pulling for Olga and desperately need your help.  On facebook I have 250 friends and I told them that if each donated $20, that would add up to $5,000.  If they donated $50, it would add $12,500 towards Olga's adoption.  It's the Christmas season and we have a chance to give the gift of a family to a precious little girl. 

Here is an idea Patti has which is fantastic.  From her blog:

"My husband also got his company to donate $1 for every new subscriber to zipdeals. A zipdeal is a coupon that comes in an email offering 50 to 70% off local restaurants and businesses. If you've ever heard of "groupons" - it's the same thing. Anyway- his company (Ziplocal) will donate a dollar to Olga for every person who subscribes to get these emails. ***they will not spam you, and you can unsubscribe at any time, and Olga will still get the dollar.** Sounds like small potatoes- but if 500 people subscribed, that's $500 for Olga! If you want to subscribe, click here: (subscribing is free)"

Lets pull together for Olga guys.  It would mean so much.  If you have a Facebook, Twitter, blog, website....please repost. 

To donate to Olga directly: Click HERE (Remember amount shown is not correct amount donated.  We are updating you here and on Patti's site.)

When you donate, be sure to go put your entry in the comments for a chance to win an iPod Touch for Christmas by going HERE.
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