Friday, December 03, 2010

My Live-Ins

I was talking to my dad and he mentioned how cold it's been getting at night.  My dad said, "I can't believe how cold it's been getting at night."  Really?  I said, "Well, once it gets to freezing temperatures, I have to put chickens in a warmer area of house."  He replied that it was that time.  Really?  I mean, seriously, I was out last night walking around in short sleeves, doing stuff around patio, hanging out.  It got to 20 degrees (which is what we are not used to here.  Trust me.)  so before the sun went down, I ran out to the chicken run and grabbed things I needed.  I made this make shift cage with a warming lamp.  I put in the waterer and after it's too late, I realize it broke and leaked water everywhere.  So I put in plastic bin and put a lip on it to make nest for chickens.  At least at night this is where they will be.  My rhode island reds are happy. I'm happy.  Now the trick is getting them to want to keep laying now that they are in new place for a bit.

Hank (below) likes it outside too.

I like the cold and I remember my parents always trying to get me to wear a jacket when I was younger. So last night I am sitting on the patio, enjoying myself in summer clothes and my husband walks out in a full winter wear.  He looks at me and says, "Aren't you cold?!"  I replied, "No, are you?"
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