Friday, December 10, 2010

Team Olga

Patti at A Perfect Lily (Click to read current info) has a good idea for Olga (Click here to donate!)

Remember the girl we are trying to rescue?  She's a beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome.  If she is not rescued by next month, when she turns 5, she will be transferred to a mental institution forever. Patti talks more on the link I gave you.  What life will be like for Olga. 

Why save just one?  I look at my daughter and I imagine if something were to happen to me.  Say she had no living relatives and was put in an orphanage. What if she had a "flaw" that prevented people from choosing her from the others?  What if people did want to rescue her but didn't have the funds?  What if she wasn't chosen and her fate was that of a mental institution?  Just because she was too old for the orphanage? 

What if it was my daughter?  Your daughter/son?  Just saving one means so much to that one. Of course we can't save them all.  But if we worked to save that one, it matters to her. 

Anyway, Patti has an idea about reaching out to local radio stations.  Wouldn't it be neat if we all wrote Dr. Laura an email with the same link?  They read the emails every day.

Lets work together!!

Click here to email Dr. Laura!

The little girl's name is: Olga
Link to her donation page:

Remember, the amount shown so far is not the correct amount.  Patti is updating her site daily of the correct amount added up.
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