Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gifting a Family

Her Fund: $3,256
Cost of adoption: $20,000-$25,000

Although I'm excited that Godtube is featuring "From Orphanage to Mental Institution", donations are creeping slowly in for Kareen. 

So far, in writing this, there has been 1,830 visitors to see the video.  Even if each person donated $10, do you know what that would amount to for Kareen?  A full amount for adoption.  Can you imagine how easy it could be to let go of $10?  What could you let go of?  A couple of Starbucks coffee's?  One trip to a Mcdonalds?  What could it mean for Kareen to have those small sacrifices from us? 

A family for Kareen in 2011

A family that can rescue her before it's too late and she is transferred. 

Patti is giving the drawing for an iPad because she has a purpose.  She is trying to bring more people to donate. So if you've donated to Kareen, you can put in for an entry HERE!

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