Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making a Surprise For a Friend

My friend's mom called me from out of town and asked if I could keep her daughter occupied on Saturday.  Kerrie wanted to do a makeover in her apartment. The only thing was that she wanted to come early in the morning without Michele knowing. So we had a dilemma. She asked what I could do to get her out of the house early.  So I said "Well, it's kinda corny but I'll tell her to spend the night.  She's turning 30 so we'll call it her last sleepover."  Haha.  I haven't done that since, well, my teens?  It was kind of embarrassing to ask Michele to have a sleepover but I did it.  I even told her to bring her pajamas.   

Michele came over around 5pm on Friday.  I made her favorite meal and we had lots of ice cream and toppings.  We had so much fun and stayed up till around 2am. By the way, my husband took the kids out of the house the whole time so we had the house to ourselves.  He came home with mine and her kids.  So Charles had 9 kids. He put them all to bed. 

Did I mention how amazing he is?

Micabella Natural Mineral Makeup Blush Autumn Sunset #Mb-1 9grCharles let us sleep in late and then he made us pancakes, eggs (from our hens), toast, and bacon. Oh, and some coffee and orange juice.  So Michele and I left by ourselves to go out and have some fun.  We went to the mall.  It is so hard to get that girl to spend money on herself.  She kept thinking what everyone else wanted.  I'm extremely girly.  Michele isn't into the makeup and hair stuff.  We are opposites in so many ways but alike in many other ways.  I kept stopping at all the makeup and hair stands.  Constantly. She couldn't figure out why I would spend $10 on an eye shadow.  Well, I talked them down some major dollars!  And it's my favorite stuff.  I don't know if you've ever used MICABELLA but it last a long time, stays on your eyes, AND you can mix water with some of the powder to make it a lip color or into a darker version of that shade on your eyes.  It's fun stuff. 

Finally, Michele's mom texts me and ask to have her come home to see the apartment.  I tried to think of a way to get her to come home. I said, "Do you want to go to your house, get our sweaters on and go to an outdoor type mall?  She said no.  I tried another tactic and she still said no.  Hmmmm... Finally I texted her mom and asked if Michele's husband would call and ask her to come home.  Maybe have him ask if we could all go somewhere together. Chis, me, and Michele.  So Chris calls and just tells her to come home.  Michele was upset so I felt bad! 

We pulled up to the house and I could smell the house (from all the cleaning) from outside the door!  Michele screamed when she saw her mom and then we she saw the house.  It was so worth it.  Her mom had to drive all the way back to her town which is a couple hours away.  It was already 9:30pm and she had been working for 13 hours.  Amazing!  What a nice mom. 

Well, we took off and went to eat at Outback Steakhouse.  We came for their cheese fries!  In the end we both got birthday sundaes and the workers kept wanting to come and talk to us.  We can't help it. We are fun girls to hang out with.  LOL.  Our server looked like she was Clark Kent's (Superman's) daughter.  We were trippin.  So then we had this whole conversation with them about how it could have happened and we just don't know the whole story.  Odd, odd converstation.  Michele and I love comic heroes.  Trust me. We have matching Batman underwear. Heh heh.

After that we went to a place where she would actually like to buy some stuff and so we didn't get her to her house with her kids till midnight!  She said she had a blast so it was all worth it.  Charles was still in a good mood after being with 9 kids for two days. 

My house is a wreck from the kids and me being gone all day but it was still worth it. I will just be cleaning all week.  ;)  We had so much fun and I can't believe Charles took care of that many kids, fed, changed, made them bathe, and put them to bed.  Even when I called him late at night and he had to raise his voice on the phone so I could hear him, he was in a good mood and just told us to have fun. 

Amazing, amazing guy.  Sigh.  I LOVE THAT MAN!
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