Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

I didn't get a chance to blog about this so here I am blogging it now! I first started this blog as an online scrapbook for myself of our journey.  Our first Christmas while blogging started HERE.  It looks like I had a slide show of all the pics and they somehow disappeared. :(  That's why I don't do slideshows anymore of events. They sometimes disappear because of companies changing policies or leaving. Then I have lost memories.

I just wanted to point out the highlights for our kids to remember. Also to remind them they are truly blessed when they say "But Mom, you never buy us anything!"

Charles and I stayed up till 3am, like I'm sure lots of parents do, assembling toys.  We hide are stuff waaaaay far away so our kids can never find their gifts. We never put them under the tree so they have no clue till Christmas morning.  Even staying up till 3am, we forgot a very important present and never assembled it. It's a really cool wooden Lego table where you can store all the Legos inside of it and build on it.  If I would have put that thing together that night though, I would've never went to bed because it took me 3 hours the next day to do it. 

Ivy and Ashley are still very much in love with this coloring and painting kit. It even folds up together, like a suitcase, where you can carry it around.  It was a Costco item and that's my absolute favorite place to shop for Christmas. All of their toys are excellent quality and lasts a loooong time.  We did 90% of our shopping at Sam's Club and Costco this year.

Chaz (above) begged and begged us for a spy kit.  The watch has a lie detector built in so Chaz thinks it's hilarious to ask you a question without letting you know he's trying to detect whether you are lying or not.  Do you see how it has a snake cam?  Can you imagine what a kid could do with that?  You can put it under people's doors.  Sooooo, we took that part away.  He can still take pictures and video straight from his watch without it. 

It's weird how Caleb knew but when we all first walked into the living room, he went straight for this present and ripped off the wrapping paper.  He was so excited.  I love my little bear. 

Kyle and Ryan (above) showing off their crossbows.  I actually ordered this from a Christian site online and also ordered their air soft guns from it.  Mommy has had lots of fun already with most of their toys.  Ahem.  By the way, Kyle is VERY excited about his gift but is trying to look cool. 

Ryan (above) told me over and over he wanted a bad guy gun or sword.  I was like "How am I gonna find one of those?"  I got lucky while walking in Costco and seeing this. It's General Grevious' sword and gun. He's the only one that got one of those because they are stinking expensive.  We are Star Wars lovers here. 

While we are all unwrapping, Caleb's favorite thing was playing in all the wrapping and boxes. LOL.  He thought it was great. That's how it is right?  You buy a kid a really cool and expensive present and then they take the cardboard boxes to build a fort?  While their nice gift is still sitting there. haha.

This is weird to me but Sam's Club had this really nice wooden, long lasting, doll house for $100.  Costco had a really nice plastic dollhouse for $113. Which one would you get?  I picked the WOODEN ONE.  Seemed practical and just as adorable.  The key words are LONG LASTING.

Caleb takes great joy in making the girl's house furniture disappear.  This was just the start here on Christmas day.  Tee hee...

Lastly, but certainly not least, the kids made sure Henry got a gift.  He is sniffing it here. 
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