Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Mommy Deserves a Break

My conversation tonight with my 10 year old son after church.  We were eating Cup O' Noodles which is a our favorite snack.  Chaz went and got a glass of milk and brought it back to table.

Me:  Chaz, (pointing behind him) what's that???!!  ( I sneak a drink of Chaz's milk).

Chaz: Mommm, why did you do that?  Awww, you drank my milk.  Mommmmm!

Me: Chaz, don't you want your mommy to have some milk after everything I've ever done?  Just think.  I had you in my tummy for nine months. 

Chaz: Mom, that was a long time ago.  You can't bring that up.

Me:  But Chaz, I even had to get a really BIG needle and everyone was there. My parents were there. Your dad's parents were there.  My sisters, nurses, doctors. It was a big day.  A painful one too.  So, thanks for letting me get a drink of your milk.  Heh heh.

Chaz:  Mom, are you declaring war?
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