Monday, December 20, 2010

Missing The Meteor Shower

I was online late last night editing awesome stuff such as the amount going up for the donations. :D

Anway, a friend writes on Facebook that there is supposed to be a meteor shower?  So I look outside for a shower of some sort and well, um.... I couldn't even find a STAR!  Luck was on my side though and I did see one star though.  Just in case you are another city slicker and you'd like to see 1 star... I will share this with you.  Well, you have to zoom in to see star but it's there.

We could see the moon though and there were clouds in the sky so it was really pretty. I am never in my backyard at midnight but since the website said the meteor shower was gonna peak around 4am, I just know, in my heart of hearts that even if I do set my alarm for 4am, I'm gonna hit the snooze in order to catch my z's instead.

So then we started getting goofy and take pics of our shadow and got this cool picture.

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