Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet New Chickies

Note: New Info about Team Olga under this post.


Yesterday Kyle and I went to pick up our order of chicks.  There is a Rhode Island Red rooster and 3 Buff Orphington hens and 1 rooster.  So excited! I'm slowly building them up again but this time I would like to have some breeding.  :)  We'll see if we ended up with any sitting hens.  You never know.  Of course I will keep the two different types seperate.  I will have to section the side of the house into 2 so breeds don't mix.

Right now the chicks are in the boy's room next to the mice cage. The kids are loving it and don't mind the warming light in their room.  It's kinda bright but they insisted it's not bothering them when they sleep.  The only thing is the cage can get stinky! But... we need them inside for at least another week before allowing them outside.

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