Friday, December 17, 2010

Ask Away by Ellen Ross

Thank you friends for all who support the Olga funding! $12,329 was raised. Although we only made it halfway, there is already someone stepping up to possibly adopt her now that the funding is better.  Exciting!!!  Patti is now starting a new funding and this time the prize is an iPad.  Yup.  An iPad!  Awesome.  Come visit Patti's Blog to read more!  Deadline to donate is Christmas Eve. 

Speaking of.... I had sent out a tweet to Jon Gosselin (I don't care what media says, I've always been a huge supporter). The funny thing is I don't have a TV but I've seen bits and pieces here and there of his family videos. Anyway, then I noticed Ellen Ross, his girlfriend. I've never seen any information about her because I'm always ignoring the news stands (which are only good for sparking backyard fires to roast marshmallows.)  I do like seeing pictures of what people look like and their clothes (I'm such a girlie) but the text next to it just provides a good giggle.  Not to be taken seriously.

Jon and Ellen Ross were kind enough to support the cause for the donation call to Reece's Rainbow by sending out tweets. I know it helped because the same night they did, $1,000 came in. I noticed her blog that she started which is an advice collumn. Come check it out!  Besides, it's kind of fun answering questions and thinking about how we would handle something.  That's what is fun about Yahoo Answers.

"A collection of questions I get asked, that I give my personal advice on. I don't have a degree, I am just offering my 2 cents based off of my personal life experiences. Take it as you will!"

Come answer this!  You know you want to!  Everyone has great ideas we could pitch in.

Sick of the Same Old Same Old
Question: My husband and I have got in that predictable rut. He knows what I will do, I know what he will do.  Try as we might to change it up we just go back into what we know. I have tried, he has tried, we do well for a week then it is like we both just give up.  Our predictable ways have been in the last 4 years. We use to be a family of more.

Let me say that when you read stuff by the media about anyone, remember that these guys are getting paid big bucks to write it, take the pictures, etc.  Just getting one good picture could even pay their rent for a whole year.  They don't care about accuracy or getting the truth.  Whatever causes a stir and brings in the money is what they care about.  They will say outrageous things to someone to get them to respond negatively and look bad. So, just imagine, everywhere you go, having a camera in your face or people trying to egg you on and make you angry just to get a reaction.  I know people have a weakness for gossip to make themselves feel better but it would just be nice to try and understand what some people are forced to go through just to give you good bathroom material.  (Sorry about the description).
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