Monday, December 20, 2010

New iPad Giveaway! Updated Again!

(Keeping Giveaway at top so scoll down to see latest blog entries!)

You guys are so awesome for giving and spreading the word about Reece's Rainbow!$12,549 was donated for Olga.

Words alone can not express what you gave to Olga. Thank you so much!  Guess what?  A family is already working things out for Olga.  Just imagine that you were able to contribute and give such an amazing gift!  UPDATE: The family has pulled out that was possibly going to adopt Olga.  Please pray and lets storm heaven's gates for a miracle!  She only has one month left till she is transferred.

Because of the success, Reece's Rainbow is now looking to rescue another girl facing the institution and is asking for your help for Christmas!  Together we can make it possible! 

There was such an awesome response from previous giveaway, the winners were posted, and now Patti has a new giveaway! This time it's for an...


This time you can have 10 entries and Patti tells you how on her blog.  Check out her
Home For Christmas iPad Giveaway!

If you want to see the direct links here, then I will go ahead and post them.  Some have told me they wanted to donate but were unsure where to go:
Step 1:
This is the next one Patti would like us to rescue!
($3,256) She needs donations!

Step 2:
After you donate, remember that you can put in an entry for an iPad at:

Patti tells you how you can get 10 entries for donating to Kareen. 2 for donating, 2 for tweeting, 2 for following, 2 for blogging, and 2 for facebooking. She tells you how on the link I gave you to her blog. :)

If you would like to watch funds raise yourself then go to
Scroll down to the section called "I've Reached My Angel Tree Goal" and look for Kareen.  This is where it shows the correct amount donated. :) Average cost of adopting a child is around $20,000.  With your help, it is becoming possible!

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