Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving day was almost perfect. The almost is only because of one tiny flaw. Other than that, it was perfect! When I have a party or get together, I make lists.  Always have.  I make a list of what needs to be organized and ready around house, a separate list of what food needs to be bought from store, another list of recipes, and yet another list for guests.  Then I map out the times of what will be cooked when. 

So I got up at 7am (meal wasn't till 2pm).  Took an hour to prepare and stuff 21lb turnkey.  I was disappointed to find that they do not put thermometers in the Butterball turkeys.  Being I had so much to prepare, I didn't have time to keep checking on turkey or worry about it.  That was my one tiny disappointment.  The Turkey could have been taken out sooner so it wasn't as juicy. Thankfully, my friend also made a turkey and hers turned out the same time.  Hers came out nice and juicy. Next year I will only purchase Jenny-O since they have the thermometers.  My mother-in-law told me she never relies on those.  She just sets timer at 20 minutes per pound.  Whoa. I wish I had known that!  That would have gave me a better turkey. 

We invited people that didn't have any family around to celebrate the day with (because the family lives far away).  So all in all, including kids, there was about 18 total.  It was fun and after the food we played a game!  It was hard to end the night because we were really having a good time. I was so exhausted from cooking for 7 hrs straight that I slept hard that night.  The food came out perfect.  Awww.... we ate the leftovers straight till it was gone. 

After our guests left we headed to my husband's family for a quick visit since it was already 9 at night.  We took pics like we do every year.

My sister-in-law and I got a pic together. We had a babies only 2 months apart yet he is so much bigger than Caleb!  LOL.  You can tell in the picture. I have little guys for babies.

I could have shown you a better family picture but the one below is just too funny.  It took us several tries.  Well, I stayed like a statue and just smiled for a long time. Charles is trying to tell Ryan that he is holding Caleb in front of him and we can't see him.  Ashley isn't smiling and we had to keep telling Ivy to pull her dress down.  Baby Caleb was trying to get away.  Haha!

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