Thursday, November 04, 2010

Godtube Is Back!

Godtube contacted me recently, noticing an old post I wrote back in March.  I didn't even remember writing it so I had to go reread it.  I was disappointed that they had changed their name from Godtube to Tangle.  From a Christian viewpoint, it was such a downslide from Godtube.  I know their standards stayed the same but I didn't like the word "Tangle".  The name Godtube says to me, "With Godtube you won't be shocked what pops in front of you without warning and it's family safe."  I don't let my kids get near Youtube because of what they can run into.  Well.....

and they wanted my blogging friends know about it!

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So I had some questions for them and here is their response in red. 

1. Why did you guys switch back from Tangle to Godtube? In June of 2010, tangle/Godtube was purchased by Salem Web Network--a leading U.S. Internet content provider targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values. The Salem team identified a strong interest from the tangle user-base to bring God back into the name as well as implement technology that is more streamlined, bug-free and easy-to-use. We wanted to make the user experience pleasant and meaningful and we felt that tangle wasn’t providing that in not only the name, but in also the functionality and layout of the site. With the world heavily relying on facebook for all social networking needs, tangle didn’t thrive in this area. We identified the real need in safe Christian/Family Friendly Video File Sharing—something we were already good at and can continue to excel in. Going back to Godtube was quite literally the path God led us down.   Awesome!!!

2. What sets Godtube apart from Youtube? Godtube is safe for everyone. We have a team of Customer Service representatives whose soul purpose is to moderate the site for any inappropriate, offensive or malicious behaviors. Our strict moderation policy only allows for Family Friendly and Christian content to be uploaded to Godtube. We also have a staff that searches the internet every day for the BEST Christian/Family Friend content. Scanning through thousands of videos is no easy feat and our users know that they will find the best Christian videos in the world in one place.

3. I know that you preview all videos before published. What standards do you use to determine which ones you publish?
We now offer live uploads, which means users get their videos and can make comments in real time—we have gotten a lot of positive feedback from this. For this reason, we are now a post-moderation site in which we review content immediately after it has been posted. At any time, we can turn a switch to make everything pre-moderated in the event we feel as if we are being attacked or having problems with specific users. For the most part, all of the Godtube users are awesome! Our standards are simple: Family Friendly and Christian. Videos that are graphic, pornographic, highly offensive, inappropriate, slanderous, cursing, spam, etc are removed immediately and in most instances the user is blocked indefinitely. While we encourage healthy discussion and debate, we do not tolerate hateful, slanderous, cursing or inappropriate speech.

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Here is why I love Gotube. I love comedians.  How often can you find funny guys and clean humor in the same video?  It's hard, huh?  I found this really funny Christian comedian and I follow all of his videos. 

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