Friday, November 05, 2010

Dishes Can Wait

Ashley counting to 20

Why is it that sometimes I have to remind myself to stop working and play with the kids?  It dawned on me while I was doing dishes last night.  I put the unwashed dish back in the sink, it'll be there when I get back, and I tell the kids it's hide and seek time.  They scream and my heart flips with excitement. I love hide and seek too.

Little Ashley
Wednesday night at church, when I went to go pick Caleb up from nursery, he felt very hot. Uh oh.  I apologized to the workers and said, "He wasn't hot when I dropped him off and wasn't acting sick at all."  I felt so bad because he was with other babies in there.  As soon as we got home I gave him some medicine.  He was pretty hot.  I kept getting up throughout the night to check on him.  He cooled off some but was hot again the next morning. Then my husband came home the same way, feeling nauseous and was really weak.  I go to get the Flu medicine with a spoon and bring it to him.  (Heh heh)  I pour some into the spoon and he goes to sip it down.  Well, the mommy in me put the WHOLE spoon in his mouth real fast by accident and he breathes it in.  He started coughing like crazy and throwing up into the sink.  I stood there is shock.  I was just trying to help make him better!!  I felt really stupid. He said, "Baby, why did you put the whole spoon in my mouth?"  It was a bigger spoon.  I said, "I'm so used to feeding Caleb baby food and putting the whole (baby) spoon in his mouth.  It was out of habit.  Sorry!"  Charles inhaled the medicine on accident.  He wouldn't take the second spoonful he was supposed to take because he was coughing for so long. Boy, I felt really dumb but we were laughing about it afterwards.  I told him that he better hope he takes care of me when we're old and not the other way around because I tend to always do stuff like that to him. 

One time I thought I'd sneak up to him while his back was turned.  Well, I didn't know he was trying to take some Tylenol pills.  When I scared him, he started choking on his pills.  It's been 8 years and he still has a hard time taking pills. They have to be really little.  Oops. 

Ashley trying to catch her brothers
While Charles laid down on the couch to rest, we asked him if the couch would be base even though he's on it.  He was happy to watch even if he had to lay down on base.  I had to give the younger kids tips on hiding because they kept getting caught and would be upset.  I don't know how many rounds we played but it was fun!  After they all went to bed, I finished my dishes. :)

....and did some laundry. Then decided it was a good time to do some straightening up.  Then I looked up and realized the fan needed dusting real bad.  I finally stopped around 1:30am. :)  But hey, I got to play hide and seek with my kids.

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Chris H said...

I never do the dishes, Stew always does!
I am lucky like that.
We used to love playing hide and seek... one time we hid Brylee in the washing machine and the big boys simply could NOT find her... she thought it was so neat they couldn't find her! And I took a photo!