Monday, November 08, 2010

Time To Face It Again

When I have a lot on my mind or I'm agitated about something, I don't sleep well.  Frustrated that I'm always cleaning but never really getting rid of clutter.  Somehow it gets pulled out and creates a mess.  I'm not a very organized person so I never notice I'm being overrun till, well, I'm knocked down by all the cleaning.  Where is the perfect spot to find clutter?  In the closets!!!!  Because this was bothering me so much, I went to bed around 3am thinking about it, popped out of bed at 7am and began to work.  I even turned off my phone since I tend to get a million phone calls and didn't want to get distracted. 

(Need ideas of how to get rid of stuff?  Check HERE for how to get rid of clutter in the closet.  For you that might be a no brainer but for me it's rocket science material there.) 

So I attacked my hallway closet.  It's a linen/towels, books, games closet so I had to dump a ton of books we didn't care for and the excess of blankets we didn't need.  I mean, do we really need 20 blankets?  Are we expecting a platoon to knock on our door and ask to sleep over for a night?  Since we didn't think it was likely, I donated 80% of it.  Donated 90% of my cookbooks.  I hate old (old, old) cookbooks. 

Then I went into the garage and threw out about 3 big black garbage bags full of stuff we didn't need anymore.  Tomorrow I'm attacking it again!

My husband's office is being turned into baby Caleb's room so I'm slowly taking stuff out of there so, once again, I packed up unused stuff and took it out of there.  I can't wait to paint Caleb's room and really make it his room.  He is waaaay too light of a sleeper to be in with his brothers.  If one of them gets up to go potty, Caleb stands up before you can blink and he is UP.  It takes awhile to get him back down.  Who spoiled him?  It wasn't me!  It was his brothers. They ran to him all hours of the night whenever he fussed and so he got royal treatment. 

That last place of doom was my bedroom closet.  I am a clothes horse and so I rid of about 3 big black bags full of clothes and shoes.  Yeah, that's a lot!  I still have a good amount but it's stuff I wear all the time so there is no need to kill more of my closet. At least now it all fits in there.  Uh, keep in mind that the pic you see is a scaled down version of how much clothes and shoes I had.  I had so much clothes it was in baskets.  Tons of shoes everywhere.  I chucked about 20 pairs.  This closet really needs to some awesome shelving put into it so the pants and shoes would be put nicely.  Oh well, this was the best I could do.  It's a walk-in so I should just be happy with it.

After everything today I got rid of about 7 big black garbage bags full of stuff to be donated.  It felt so good to see it leaving and getting out of my house.  Tomorrow I hope to finish Caleb's room and work on the garage more!  Those two are big projects.  So far my room and closet is done, my girls room, boys room, kitchen, living room, bathrooms..... so office and Caleb's room is it. 

That's what I call a Fall Clearing.  Wink.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

You need to post some before and after shots!!

Lady Dorothy said...

Good job! Doesn't it feel great? I need to go find some of that "greatness"!

Mommy D said...

I LOVE getting rid of stuff and organizing everything! It's such a great feeling of accomplishment.