Monday, November 01, 2010

Little Star Book Review

Little Star
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The author of this beautiful book, Anthony DeStefano, sent this book for me to share with you.  The book is about a King that is about to be born.  The stars in heaven are competing as to who will shine the brightest to celebrate his birth.  But when they see the poor family, the donkey, the stable, the stars don't believe he is the king.  One little star does. 

This book is beautifully illustrated on every page, and definitely a great book to read to your kids or give as a gift!

Last night my husband read the book to our kids in bed and they got into the story, was happy for the star, and then sad until they saw how it ended and rejoiced.  They completely got into and loved all the pictures.  It was a hit with our little group!  What a great present to get for your child, little family member or friend for Christmas!   

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a really nice book. I love the pictures.
The Greatest story ever told, is never told enough! About the Birth of the Magesty,the King of Kings!! He was sinless and took our punishment, so that we could have Life! Who soever would believe on Him, Will have everylasting life.
He is the one and only giver of Life! Praise God!