Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Quick Hike

It was Saturday and once again I had a headache. I seem to get a lot of those lately. I had gotten so much done the last week but every now and then, I would have a headache day. On headache days, nothing gets done. I just lay in bed all day. Saturday was another one. The night before I had been going in and out of the attic storing Christmas and baby things that were taking too much floor space in the garage. Well, I was tired of having one of "those days" so I grabbed Kyle and took him to the Hole in the Rock. We hiked it (in my heels) and just hung out up there talking to other families and meeting new people while seeing the beautiful view. What do you know? I found a high school friend and got to meet his wife and kids. Of all places to meet up. That was pretty neat.

After hiking it I realized I did not have my awesome camera!  Argh.  I had to compensate with my dinky phone camera. Just doesn't do it justice at all.

After we found our way to the really easy path up, we were delighted by how many families had the same idea as us to head up here.

Kyle in one of the small caves.  He looks so wittle.

He doesn't look too bad in this picture but trust me, I was a nervous wreck.  He wanted to hike in some of the dangerous areas and I said no way.  Not in my heels. 

This is our view from sitting inside the hole in the rock you see in the first picture.  We enjoyed the breeze.  Can you believe my husband never lets us all hike up here?  Heh heh.  I had to sneak here on my own.  I called Charles from this view and told him it's actually a family friendly hike and there were lots of kids up here. There are no drop offs so it's quite safe. And beautiful!

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