Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Costumes At The Farm!

Preparing lunch and dinner for the day.

Making the salsa
Ivy poking her head in.  I was nervous I wasn't gonna pack enough food for the whole day.

Eating our lunch picnic
Caleb playing with a pumpkin
A lady offered to take our picture.  Its rare we all get a pic together

Charles with Kyle and Ashley


Ashley offering Ivy some candy

Kyle and Chaz being silly in the little kids area
Ashley sitting in the wooden train. 
It's the pig races but they always add in some goats and he has to chase them to make them finish. 
Ryan and Kyle on the top of the roller coaster before it falls downward.

Kyle and I were behind Ryan and Chaz racing. It was fun but I was doing most of the peddling since Kyle is little. :)

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Jenny said...

How fun! What day did you go? We went on Halloween. First time there, had a blast!