Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hunt For The Prize

We didn't do Halloween so I did my own candy hunt for the kids. I didn't tell them and set up notes around the house! I was excited tryin to write them out, hope I did it right and didn't leave them stumped. LOL. I was just as excited as them when they started searching so I went room to room with them! By the way, it was family night (every Tuesday). Because I was too tired to hit up the library or Bass Pro Shop (their family event), we stayed home and played games. So first was the hunt and then we played hide and seek. Our favorite game.

Ryan reads the first note.  They were mommy notes such as "Have you changed your underwear today?"  Heh heh. That meant, go check your underwear drawer.  From there the next note read, "have you brushed your teeth today?"

Chaz is reading the note that says "Have you had any milk today?"
Kyle reading the next note

Ryan reads the note that leads to the prize

The prize!  Each had their own bag of chocolate candy.  They were excited because that was the thing they missed about not trick or treating this year.

The kids excited about their bags.  Baby Caleb is not worried about not having a bag because he just walks up to them and the kids share. He just has to show his big blue eyes to them and they cave.

It was fun and we are definitely going to do this again on a family night if we are not wanting to go out.  We really look forward to family night.  The more kids, the merrier and it's more like a party!  LOL. 

Holidays are so much neater now because now that we are bigger, we can have our own holidays at our house.  We did before but it's just easier to have the family come over here if they want so my kids are in their own realm and have stuff to play with. I'm excited about Thanksgiving and having my family over! We definitely are going to invite some single guys that want some good grub and don't have any family around. LOL. 

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