Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Flu is Stalking Us

We've all been pretty sick since the beginning of last week. I think today it's finishing up with us. We all caught the flu but thankfully it wasn't my turn till Saturday because I had a Thanksgiving dinner to prepare! I am so thankful I didn't come down with it on Thanksgiving day. Tonight, I think I'll be brave enough to go to church.

Something to be thankful for. Heh heh.

My kids often assume I'm gonna have at least 20 kids.  I remind them that it's not gonna happen.  Then Ryan says, "But mom, we need more girls.  They are easy!"  I said "Yeah right!  Boys are easier than girls for sure." He replied, "No mom, we need more girls because it's easy to beat them when we play Sword-Gunners."  He reminded me that the teams are uneven when it comes to boys vs. girls. LOL. That caught me off guard. 

One of our favorite games in the house (besides Hide and Seek or Sword-Gunners) is Karaoke.  It's so cute to hear all the kids singing really loud.  Even if just one kid has the mic, all of them will sing at the top of their lungs together.  Soooo cute!  Last night the house was really loud when the kids were singing "I go craaaaazy...craaaaazy.....crazy....I go craaaazy!"  Charles got it on camera but I'm not posting it because I'm on there.  LOL.

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