Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Animal Haven

These pictures were taken with my camera phone before my camera came in from repair.  So the quality isn't so great.

Some of you remember my sweet dog Scooby a while back that died because he was injured badly.  I cried sooo hard when he died and he was one of my favorite animals I've ever had.  He hurt my heart so bad to have him die in my arms.  

Well, a friend called and said they had another Scooby for me.  Except his name is Hoover. Like the vacuum cleaner since he eats everything off the floor.  I keep calling him Scooby on accident though and my husband really wants to change his name to that.  I'm not sure about it though.

He is only a puppy but he snuggles me all the time and lays by my feet at night.  I looove having a little dog to sit with me. Sometimes it's hard being an animal lover and see stuff happen.  Or having to fix injured birds, or burying little grasshoppers, caring for chickens or having one die because of extreme heat.  I don't know.  If I never had kids, I probably would of been someone that worked with animals.  But having kids is SO MUCH BETTER!  HA!

What do you think?  Should I keep his name Hoover?  Or keep our Scooby name since we all keep calling him Scooby on accident?


Tall Tales said...

I think you should keep his name Hoover...the story behind it is cute and besides every time you call him Scooby then it will remind you of the old Scooby and you will fill sad. :(

Terri said...

There will always only be one Scooby.... :( sorry, I know how hard it is