Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We're a Large Party Wherever We Go

We're already a family of 8 but we usually always have extra kids with us.  At least we get group rates!  Haha

Today is my beautiful girl's birthday!  Ivy turned 6.  Yesterday we took her and some friends to a fun place to play ALL DAY.  If we're gonna pay almost $200 we're gonna stay as long as possible.  I almost passed out a couple times from tiredness but just shook my self awake.  Besides, they have a GREAT buffet!  I ate and ate and ate.  I brought a coupon for a buy one get one free buffet so that at least saved me $10.  We hadn't gone since I was pregnant with Caleb so it's been awhile.  Back then Ashley was about 1 1/2 years old, just like Caleb is now.  So it brought flashbacks.  Boy, does time fly or what???  Sniff.....

Anyway, I took 10 kids with me and it was lots of fun!  I just kept walking around watching them and seeing what everyone is up to.  It's impossible to follow them all around at once but it's a really fun and safe place.  At the end of the night when it was about to close I grabbed a whole tray full of pizzas and cookies because I just KNEW they were gonna be done and sooo hungry.  I hear it every time.  They'll be this huge buffet that's ignored because they are too excited.  Then when it shuts down they cry because they are hungry.  

I grabbed 10 slices of pizza, 10 cookies and drinks. You should've seen the look on the workers faces.  They probably thought I was a pig!  Haha.

Last time Ashley went she couldn't ride rides like these so she was excited!  She made friends with almost every girl in that place. She even charmed people into playing golf with them.  She had a whole group of people patiently waiting while she tried play.  Every time I saw her she was holding hands with another little girl and running around.

Ashley riding with my friend's daughter. 

Caleb pointing to the obvious

It's crazy to think Ivy was just a baby when I first started this blog. Now she is 6 going on 16!  She said "Mom, now that I am 6, I really need some makeup and jewelry."
Ivy with her Aunt Jodee


Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

happy birthday to ivy!

Chris H said...

What a super fun place to go... and I'm sure Ashley had a fantastic birthday.

Virginia Revoir said...

thanks guys. I will tell her. :-)

Tall Tales said...

:D oh how cute...tell her I cant wait to see her!!

Hanna :):)

Mom said...

I love places like that. We have the same sort of thing here. So we are having a combined Chipmunks birthday party. I figure I would spend $180 on food and stuff anyway--might as well have it at their fav place. We're usually there when they open and stay 4-5 hours. Those are good days.