Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amazing Cleaning Techniques

Magic Eraser, Kaboom, Pinesol, Comet, Earthbrite
Scotchbrite, Handi-wipes, Microfiber cloth
My mother-in-law gave me one of the best gifts someone could give me.  She didn't clean my house for me, she showed me her amazing cleaning techniques.  She used to clean houses for a living, rich people houses, and they would always request her.

We didn't do the house, we just focused on the kitchen, floors and bathroom.  the pictures shows her favorite products, except I did forget the Clorox (Or Lysol) toilet cleaner in the picture.

I'm writing some things down to remember because she was so detailed I actually had to take notes. Ha!


  • On the cupboards use Handiwipes to wipe down
  • Use Scotts Liquid Spray w/ soft cloth to wipe down

My mother-in-law always used Pledge until yesterday when she tried Scotts Liquid Gold.  Plus it had a beautiful almond scent. The wood on my cupboards look amazing. 


  • Use Scotchbrite scrubber and comet to scrub counters (or handiwipe)
  • Then a soft cloth sprayed lightly with Scotts Liquid Gold.  It'll give your counters a really pretty shine.

Microwave, Oven, Stovetop

  • Use Earthbrite to scrub stove, microwave, and inside oven.  You lightly rinse and then squeeze water from scrubber that comes with Earthbrite.  Then dab the scrubber on the cleaner in Earthbrite tub.  Clean in little circles like you are waxing something.  Never ever put back the scrubber wet in the product tub.

(no Scotchbrite green scrubber ever)

  • Then use handiwipes to rinse good.  
  • Then microfiber cloths to dry and shine up.
  • On your stove is where the razer blades come in really handy.  Use a soft touch when getting stuff off your stove. You'd be surprised what you can get up with them.  I've tried getting some of the black stuff off but never could till using the razer blades.  My stove looks like I just bought it.


Tub: Put some Comet around in the tub, then handiwipe with little water on it to wash

Shower walls: Spray with Kaboom and wipe with a wet Handiwipe.  Might have to use twice.

Sink: Comet and handiwipe

  • Fill bucket with water and maybe 1/4 cup of Pinesol
  • Use Scotchbrite green scrubber
  • Use scrubbing brush for grout and baseboards
  • Use Handiwipe to rinse with clean water
  • Then a dry towel to clean.  

I did all the steps in parts of the floor rather than doing the whole floor only one step at a time and then going back to do the second step. These areas in my house look amazing!!!


Mrs. ol said...

I am no greenie but I stopped using comet because it takes the surface off most everything and then you have to use more and more to get the job done. Just an fyi.

Virginia Revoir said...

That is odd because my Mother-in-law has been using comet for over 20 years and her bathrooms still look amazing.

Was it because you were using scrubbers? Comet now has the no scratch surface kind.

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

i love this! my MIL has been coming over every other week lately and has been so inspiring! i am just cleaning-challenged and thought that when my carpets got nasty dirt stains all over them it was time to tighten the budget and call the carpet cleaner. last night i took a warm wet rag to them and they are gone. wow. the kids could do that. i thought i had to live in a sty with kids but i don't! more women need this info! don't you love magic eraser? and i love SOS pads for pots/pans. how do i get them to not rust in between uses; seems like a waste of money!