Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mrs. Clean is Coming to Rescue Me!

Guess what???

Today my Mother-in-law is coming to my house and helping me deep clean the house. Sadly, I've never really learned how to do it so since she used to clean houses for a living, she's gonna show me.  She gave me a list of cleaners and supplies so I ran out and bought them.  Then my mop decided to break on me the other day so my floor is getting bad.  I'm not sure what to do about that one because the store I get them from is out of stock.  I don't want a cheap one that'll break so fast and most stores I checked sold some pretty dumb ones.  I need a strong heavy duty ones that cleans up really good.

She is about to be here any minute.  I'm sure when I'm done I'll be lying on the floor because she is a master cleaner.  I think her dad was Mr. Clean so I'm a little intimidated.  I will slip in a picture when I get a chance.  She might not let me do even that because she'll make sure I take no breaks.  Haha.  Anyway, I'm excited she's gonna really show me some things and how to do them right.

<---Probably one of my only superpowers!  Except for maybe remaining positive in absolute defeat.

I know I'm 32 but if I let my sister ever do a guest post on here she would inform you that I was the baby of the family and got away with not cleaning most of the time.  My mom tried hard to include me but I found ways to hide in the closet during cleaning time or slip out of the house.  I hated cleaning.  But then I forgot that cleaning comes with getting married, having your own home, kids, and everyone has to do it.  So I didn't get away with it forever. Ha.  I thought I lucked out by hiding but my sisters actually lucked out because they got some good training in.  I do work super hard every single day but I want to learn how to work smarter not harder.  When friends come over they say I never sit down because I'm working so hard to stay on top of things.  So I am trying to make myself just sit and relax when friends come over. Not worry about things falling apart.  Cleaning is not a problem for me, I'm not lazy by any means.  It's knowing how to deep clean that is kind of lost on me.

So today is a GREAT day!  It's never too late to learn!  


ValerieAnn said...

I hope you share all you learn about deep cleaning your house!

kylee said...

Please send M to my house!!!


Virginia Revoir said...

I am SO gonna share everything I learned tomorrow. I have never, ever, ever seen my bathrooms and kitchen this clean.