Wednesday, July 06, 2011

When Will the Economy be Looking Up Again?

It's so hot here and I can't let my kids play outside.  So far this summer I've lost two chickens to the heat.  :( Both were egg layers. I'm missing my camera and according to Fed Ex, it's still a few states away.  Sniff....  Wherefore art thou camera?

Thankfully, even with Charles having a forced month off from work we have been able to work ahead and pay some bills in advance.  Not all of them of course. During his month off he is gonna look into maybe putting some resumes out for Electrical Designing again.  My husband is such a stinking genius and he's so good at what he does.  He just misses that line of work.  Hopefully the economy will pick back up soon.  I guess I'm just a little worried it'll fall again and he'll be looking out of his field again.  I can't think like that though.  God doesn't promise to give us whatever we want but He does promise to meet our needs and I am faithful to give what belongs to Him.  

On a different note, the last few days of purchases of some things I needed, I was able to save about 75% off my bill after I average everything out.  One store in particular I saved 88%!  However, I've made some mistakes too.  Not reading coupons right, or missing a sale price, etc that cost me a good amount of savings.  I think my worst so far has been only saving 65% off my grocery bill.  So I'm not doing FABULOUS but I still think I'm doing pretty good.  I can't stand those grumpy checkout ladies though that put a magnifying glass up and question every coupon I have.  Just scan it and it'll tell you if its good.  I had to demand a raincheck on one product today because the manager didn't feel like getting me one from the back. I said, "Well, it's on sale and I have a coupon.  If I wait till after midnight, it's no longer on sale."  His reply?  "Oh well, you can get it a different day."  Riiiiiight.  But you see, if I come back with no raincheck then I don't get the sale price.  I went round and round for a minute until he finally wrote me the darn raincheck.  Sheesh.

Retail price at store for a 6 pack: $8.99
On sale at store: $5.50
Manufacturers coupon: $4 off

Cost after savings $1.50
That's an 83% savings

So yeah, I needed that raincheck, dude.

 I took my son with me to "work" today collecting coupons
and to the store to learn how to save.

Highlight of my day:  Walking from door to door with my son collecting my neighbor's packet of Redplum coupons they didn't want.  Did you know I met neighbors for the first time?  Yee haw!  Now I have a reason to wave as I pass by without them thinking I'm gonna rob them.

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Karen said...

Amazing savings! I should really start couponing...of course that would require me to switch stores since mine doesn't accept internet coupons (to much fraud). Anyway, my sister works for a grocery store and I was asking her about coupons...she said some will scan even if they are for the wrong size product so they need to check them all... I was asking her about them because I was wondering if the cost of processing more coupons (due to more people using them/availability on the internet etc.) would increase costs (I know grocery stores have a very slim margin) causing me (a non-couponer) to pay more.

The Trendy Boutique said...

Reading your posts is helping me to START thinking about couponing. Can you give me an idea of how much time you spend organizing all this? I have 2 jobs, an online business and a family to care for, which I know is probably not as much as you have to do. I am so intimidated by being overwhelmed that I'm not motivated to start. Any advice on how to get started... maybe slowly?

What is Redplum?

Virginia Revoir said...

I've spent a good amount of time on it until I signed up for Coupon Sense. It does all the hard work for me because tells me what coupons to use and who has the great sales. Also, I use the same booklets they use on the show Extreme Couponing. I use a folder that holds inserts. The pockets of them were made to display baseball cards but instead it shows coupons. That way I don't have to shuffle through stacks of coupons and can easily see them.

I'm just starting out so it's taken me a lot of time but as I'm getting used to it, the time is really cut down.

Redplum and Smartsource is a packet of coupons that come in the mail a couple times a week and are in the Sunday paper.