Sunday, July 10, 2011

My First Shopping Trip with Coupons

It's hard to tell but most of the stuff on the top
shelves go 3 layers back.
Whelp, I finally used my coupons and went out to shop to see what I could save on my grocery bill.  I clipped, studied ads, looks for coupons at different places, bought reduced Sunday papers (Hint: The 99 cent store), studied some more, waited for an amazing sale.  Sigh.  I'm exhausted but happy.  ;)

I got soooo much meat that it's STACKED in my 2nd freezer from top to bottom.  Thank goodness for the extra freezer.  My pantry is packed, fridge is packed, freezer is packed, extra fridge and freezer is packed, my cupboards are packed.  It's amazing.  I'm in love knowing how much I saved.

I'm by no means an extreme couponer because I don't save 90% or more.  Some of my receipts I did save 87% but after checking out several times because there was no more room in my cart, it averaged out to about 60%.  I can do better and eventually I will.  I'm gonna keep trying.  I have so much food right now I just can't possibly put anymore anywhere else.  

Only some of the stuff that went into ONE of my freezers
The other half of freezer stuff is not in picture
Price before savings and coupons:
What I paid:

So I saved:

Some of the meat I got.  It was 88 cents
a pound so had to stock up!
I had to check out 5 times because I kept running out of room in my cart.  The first time I checked out , I was really nervous.  I would see the cost rising and rising. I thought "Dear me, I don't have that much money on me. I hope this works.  It would be quite embarrassing to have to walk away from it".  I also had to use the bathroom really, really bad because I had been drinking soda.  I couldn't leave my cart so I was just stuck and had to wait. I don't know whether my legs were shaky from being nervous or just relieved to finally go potty.  


I got my camera back from repair!  Whoo hoo!!!!  

Anyway, I have a really sick baby, a sick hubby,  and a sick daughter I have to tend to.  I can't wait to take pictures and share them again of our fun adventures!


Mom said...

This is amazing! I so wish we had coupons here. I'm jealous!

Virginia Revoir said...

I know, it's amazing! I can't wait to learn how to save even more. :)

Karen said...

Quite impressive! Good job!