Friday, July 15, 2011

A Great Way to Organize Your Coupons

My All-in-one Organizer
The first time I tried to use my coupons in the store I embarrassingly took over 3 hours to find maybe 15 items.  I just had my coupons in a stack and I would drop them.  They were disorganized.  I've seen even extreme couponers put all their coupons in a see thru binder like I have but the types of coupons were all shuffled around. It's really, really hard and discouraging to try to save money but have to spend hours just trying to find a few things.

Organizer on the left/Coupons on the right

Well, I had it and went out to buy myself something to make it fast and easy for me.  I found this really neat zip up binder at Walmart.  I liked it because it has two sections. One of the left for my organizer I've already made and the right for all my coupons. 

Then I bought dividers, specifically ones that are easy write on and pockets on the front of each divider.  I actually needed about 24 total so I had to buy 3 packages of 8.  I divided it up by sections of the store so I could just flip to that section and find the coupons I needed.  I mean, it takes me all of 5 seconds to find the coupons I need right at that moment.  I have a freezer, snack, meat, dairy, drinks, baby items, medical, cosmetics, etc, sections.

So for example: This is how I'd put my coupons in the meat section.  I use those inserts that display baseball cards.  It's just easier to look at coupons this way. 

The reason I like the dividers with the inserts in the front is because I put the coupons in there that can be stacked.  If I ever find two or three coupons that can be used on one product, I put it right in the front of  that section so that I will remember to get it.  It means the product will be free or ridiculously cheap so I don't want to miss out on it.

I used to be afraid of couponing because I didn't know how to do it but if you just find a system that works for you, you'll save tons of money!  I have only been doing this for one week and already saved over $1,100 on my regular grocery bill.  I love it and my husband can't believe it when I come home from the store.  The way I use coupons is I use them on top of a sale.  I always look for ways to stack a coupon also.  It just depends on the rules of the store.  My store takes competitive coupons so I can use a store coupon (from any store) AND a manufacturers coupon on one product.  PLUS if that product is already on sale then it's a killer deal.

Here is a good reason to use coupons.  Just tonight I went grocery shopping again to pick up some more things I saved 78%!  Tonight when shopping for some groceries I spent $60 but saved $227!  Wow!  

On another checkout today I bought these items.  Retail cost before sales or coupons was $177.  Want to know how much I paid?
I only paid $12 for all this!  
That is a 93% savings!

Hope this helps for anyone looking to figure out a system that will work for them.


Avital said...

It's pretty bizarre and cool to see all this. There just isn't a lot of coupons in Canada, I don't know why, but they just aren't that common, so I don't think this could ever happen for me, but it's neat to see what you're getting!

Virginia Revoir said...

Hi Avital! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I absolutely love hearing from people. :D Yeah, it is such a blessing for my family. Couponing is. Thank goodness for it.