Monday, July 04, 2011

CrAzY Deals and cRaZy Happenings

Pic taken at ER while waiting. I squeezed
Kyle so hard he looked like a chipmunk
CrRaZy, cRaZy weekend!  I'm telling you.  Phew!  I recently took my daughter to the ER but the doctor refused to give my daughter medicine for her ear infection because it was small.  Sure enough a day later she was crying in pain.  So I had to take her back in around midnight because the agony for her was so bad.

Since we had to wait in the middle of the night for her prescription, I looked around for some things I had coupons for.  I'm telling you, the savings is incredible.  I bought some really expensive make up for $2 total.  Yep.  CRAZY wonderful!  I needed it too because I was running out of a lot of stuff.  I saved 90% on my makeup by using a coupon on top of the sale.  

My mom took two of my boys out to McDonalds.  :)

Sunday night we got to watch fireworks in a town close to ours and let the kids swim.  Someone there got so rude with me I had to finally get up and leave with the kids crying behind me. They were so sad but I was being so humiliated I couldn't take it anymore.  My kids were enjoying swimming so I felt really, really bad about it but we just needed to go.  :(  The night ended bag but thankfully they get to swim at Grandma's tomorrow.

Hopefully this next week will be MUCH better.  So much has been going on but I can't share.  I just love my blogging friends!  :D


Chris H said...

How awful that someone was rude to you, and in front of the kids too.

Amber said...

I'm so sorry a rude person ruined yalls good time.