Monday, July 18, 2011

Decluttering My House Declutters My Mind

I spent so much time decluttering in my house that I haven't blogged for a few days.  But ohhhhh, I'm in love!  I threw out so much stuff it's amazing.  Caleb was even sharing a room with Charles' office but now that Charles no longer does Design work, we just emptied it all out.  Now it's solely Caleb's room and it's very simple.   A couple of months ago my 9 year old son Ryan climbed in his crib to read a book to him and it cracked.  We had to throw the crib out and Caleb was sleeping in a playpen.  I went out and bought Caleb a car bed and he really loves it.  When he's ready to get up in the morning he just gets out of bed and knocks on his door.  He is soooo cute.  

Then I went through the boys room and got rid of everything they don't play with.  I brought a HUGE empty plastic bin and filled it to the top.  Basically they only play with costumes (which I also went through), guns, swords, Legos, and their video games.  So it was pretty easy to rid of a lot.  I'm waiting for Resolve (for carpet) to go on sale so I can use my coupons.  Then I can spot clean their carpet.  Then I'm gonna rent a Rug Doctor to really clean it. I always declutter clothes as I'm washing them so that's done all the time.  If it's faded in any way or torn, even a sock it gets thrown out.

My room was also completely decluttered and a lot came out of it. The only thing is I have to go through my clothes.  I have so much clothes I could clothe the Duggar kids for awhile. Clothes are hard for me to get rid of because I love fashion and love to mix and match everything.  I will go through 20 outfits before I find something I want to wear.  If I don't feel beautiful in it, it's tossed immediately.  I'll never forget what Oprah said on a show once.  She said that when you are trying something on and you don't feel absolutely GREAT in it, don't buy it or toss it if you already have it.  Now I apply that to when I go out shopping.  You shouldn't have to talk yourself into something.  You either LOVE it or you don't.  

Caught sleeping
Since I was on a role, I just kept decluttering all Saturday and into the night.  I wasn't done till 7:30am Sunday morning.  So I just took a shower and we all went to church.  It was sooo hard to stay awake in Sunday School because they were showing a video and it was dark.  But then I had nursery duty downstairs so it made it easy to stay awake.  As soon as I got home though, I went to bed till church that night. I fought to stay awake during the service even though it was such a good sermon.  Actually, I got caught sleeping because my mom took a picture.  So there is evidence. So embarrassing!  Haha!   I was just leaning on my husband and didn't mean to pass out.  It's his fault for having such a comfy shoulder.  Then when church was over again I went straight to bed!  Was it worth it?  Yes.  Every bit of being tired for a day was worth it.

Ohhh, it was so exhausting but waking up without that burden on my shoulders of clutter just feels so, so good.  I only have one room left which is the girls' room.  Then I'll start on the garage.  :)  I feel good because when I declutter my house is just declutters my mind.  I don't have all that worry and frustration.


Heather said...

I know what you mean! I hate clutter, I have always said that a cluttered house makes for a cluttered mind....I can definitely rest easier myself when everything is cleared out!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

HOW do you convince everyone to go along with the decluttering!??? Because that won't happen here... and I hate it.

Virginia Revoir said...

I don't convince anyone! The only one I had a hard time was with my husband. I KNOW he didn't use that stuff for year yet he would go through my boxes. I would just get discouraged and not want to try anymore. Finally he saw that I gave up so he told me he would not look in my boxes. I know what they would want vs. Junk. So none of them were upset. BUT, I also don't have teens like you do. My are all pretty little and their stuff is simple. Once they are teens, I'm sure I'd have to talk with them about what to get rid of rather than to my own sweep through the room.

Kimmie said...

That is awesome. I love decluttering. It makes me so happy. In fact I just blogged about it today. I hope you don't mind, I added your blog to my blogroll. Have a blessed day.

momto9 said...

good for you! I need to do this too and soon!

The Trendy Boutique said...

Isn't that the best feeling? I SO agree that de-cluttering your space de-clutters your mind!