Friday, July 29, 2011

Comical Reaction to Mom's Game Answer

Charles, Chaz, Ryan
Last night my family played our newest favorite board game together and it was so fun!  I had been looking for a game like this for so long and it can be played with kids.  Do Tell makes it to where we discuss issues in a light way or act out funny things.

We were even able to add in my younger ones and would just help them along.  Sometimes I just get so frustrated with video games and how much it takes us away from each other.  Well, not me.  I don't have video game issues of course.  I'm too busy, ha!  My love is blogging and couponing.  But blogging only takes about a half hour a day so no one can really complain about that.  Oh, and the couponing hugely benefits our family.  My husband says I have awesome hobbies so he doesn't mine the time it takes. :D  lol.  

Anyway, I made a video of when it was my turn and I had to read a card.  This is how comical my family is!  I had such a hard time talking because I couldn't stop laughing.

Ivy acting out what she wants the most.  An ice cream!  I'm pretty sure that was one of Ivy's first words.  She has this absolute love and devotion to ice cream and talks about it a lot.

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