Thursday, July 07, 2011

Who Else Loves Breaking the Rules?

Has anyone had weird and crazy fun with their kids this summer?  For us it's just been staying up all night and playing.  We literally have our hours mixed around since it's so hot in the day.  We try to bypass part of it.  My whole family is not up till around noon and we go to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning.  It's so kewllllll.  Tonight, at 1am, I took my boys to Walmart so I could get some organizing things.  I'm sure it looked odd that a family was walking in so late and we were wide awake.

Do you ever feel like you are breaking the rules by not following the normal mommy book of do's and don'ts?  I feel guilty a lot. I mean, if you have a really strong bed, who says you can't jump in it with your kids?  I have not had one break yet.  Of course mine are all so little still.  Better jump some more while we can.  

Who says you can't skate in the house that is all tile?  We do because our windows are blocked off by the furniture and we don't keep breakables around here.  Where I'm from the heat is intense outside so we take everything inside.

In the morning we all wake up so groggy and in no hurry to do much.  The only issue I have is my coffee cup goes missing.  So in order to find it, I put up this post.

"Missing: My nice warm cup of coffee. If you know it's whereabouts please return to the owner. I fear for it's safety. For every minute that it's missing, the chances of finding a full cup become more slim"

About an hour later....

"Coffee cup found. Evidence shows all form of life was taken from it. I will have to go make another. Not to replace it of course. But I do need to move on."


Zion said...

Sounds like a fun place and a really fun mom! I feel like we break the rules with bedtime, but you've definitely got me beat. I would say 10 pm shopping trips and 1 am bedtime is the latest it gets, but I know someday when they have school that's all going to have to change. For now, it works for us.

Joe said...

Sounds like a nice place. Thanks for taking time to write this.

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Kerrie McLoughlin said...

i love this and have tweeted it out ... i wrote a little ebook about being a laid-back mom and it's basically about breaking rules. it was my first attempt, so i'm working on another one and i'm maybe going to call it Lazy Parents Rock ... meaning we don't follow what everyone says we should do and we are a little more kicked back about letting kids have fun even if it goes against 2011 "rules". it doesn't make us permissive or bad parents. keep on bloggin'!!!