Friday, July 01, 2011

Adventures in ER Visits and Extreme Couponing

Yesterday I finally went in to get an xray for my foot, hand, and elbow.  I injured them over a month ago and they are still sooo painful.  They just get jammed over and over. Then Ivy was having a lot of pain in her stomach that was causing her to double over, an ear infection, and a really bad sore throat from something viral.  What's funny is I figured if I was gonna drive so far, I might as well call some friends and see if they were having any freak accidents that need to be treated. Turns out my friend was in agony with her knee and she ended up in a knee brace.  I just have tissue damage they think and will be seeing a specialist.  They put a brace on my pinkie finger which made it stick up straight in the air.  It was funny when I was sipping coffee with my pinky up like that.  Felt like I was a snooty or something. So we finished up at the ER around 2:30am.

After we left I said "Hey, lets stop by the grocery store!  I had some coupons and wanted to use them.  I only grabbed a few items but since I had some coupons that would make it totally free, I just had to get them.  It was pretty cool even though I didn't get home till 4am.

My camera is still on it's way from repair so I can't take a picture.  But here is my list.

* Cheerios Cereal <--- coupon for Free
* Red Barron Singles french bread pizza (2 boxes) <---On sale, used store coupon, manufacturer's coupon
* Dole Ultimate Caesar Salad (3 bags) <--- One of them was free, the other two were manager specials
* Bag of frozen vegetables <----Coupon for Free
* 3 Musketeer Candy Bars (6) <----Coupons paired with sale made them Free
* Twizzlers candy (2 bags) <----Coupons paired with sale made them Free
* 16oz Oscar Meyer sliced chicken <---Coupon for Free
* 1 gallon Shamrock Milk <---used store coupon and was on sale

Total before coupons and store card: 
Total after coupons:

That's a 81% savings!  (Didn't buy a lot but was a good start!)

If you want a really easy way to calculate when you save just go HERE.  Pretty awesome tool!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

WOW! Good for you. You're so cheerful no matter what, aren't you? Hope everyone is well soon!!

Virginia Revoir said...

I try to be. Otherwise I would get depressed over stupid stuff. Ha.