Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Dog Scooby Died

p.s. This is picture I took of Ashley kissing Scooby when I first got him.

A few days ago, Charles came in to tell me that he went looking for Scooby (my miniature Dachshund) in the backyard. He came to Charles but was hiding under the kid's slide. He said Scooby looked skinnier. I went out to see and sure enough he barely had enough strength to come to me. I took him inside and held him. 

So I called to make appointment with vet for this morning. They told me to give him dropper with pedialite every half hour. So I did it for hours trying to nurse him back to health. So this morning, I went to go get him from his bed but he had died overnight.

I know sometimes kids are kids.  Things happen or kids are ignorant.  I had some kids over and one of them threw him up in the air and he landed on concrete.  I freaked and said "Don't ever do that again."  Within 10 minutes I saw her get on the trampoline with him and throw him off the trampoline.  He went high up in the air and once again landed on his stomach.  He died of internal injuries. Absolutely BROKE my heart.  My kids are used to little animals and I've really taught them about how to be gentle.  But other kids that have never had animals maybe don't understand. They are not rag dolls.   

Hopefully the lesson was learned and it won't happen again.  So that's why I felt like getting Hoover was getting my Scooby back.


FaithfulMommy said...

Oh Virginia I am so sorry about Scooby. I hope the little ones are OK. Saying a prayer for your sweet family.

Chris H said...

That is so sad. Over here our dogs get vaccinated against Parvo... don't you do it over there?

Anonymous said...

We didn't even think about vaccinating our new puppy... now we're realy sad about it. We just vaccinated our two huge dogs today but we're heart broken that we didn't even think about this earlier. We'll miss you Scooby

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Never heard of Parvo. So sorry about Scooby!!