Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silly Girl and Chore Trade

I love this picture of Ivy in this costume. So funny! LOL. Looks like she is riding the chicken. Had to share the pic! This weekend was crazy and tiring. Okay, my husband and I have this awesome trade we do. I hate sweeping and mopping the floor, he doesn't care for mowing the lawn. Well, I love mowing the lawn and he loves mopping. So we figure, "good trade, good trade". So Saturday I was outside mowing the lawn and weed eating for quite awhile, while ALSO mending my poor garden. My Great Dane likes the feel of my garden so she just lays in it. In the meantime, all my onions were dug up. The roots were spared so I replanted and I'm hoping they survive. Saturday was so tiring doing all that work that it was hard to get up for Sunday church but it was certainly worth it! Church was great today and I love the preaching. I love the people too. Tonight was baptism night so 6 people were baptized. :)

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Chris H said...

WOW that wee girl looks like her Mummy! Both gorgeous!