Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Krazy Kids!

This pic is of goofy Kyle on Valentines Day. He's my silly little stinker. LOL. Anyway, we did have the kids doing chores in pair with their buddy but it wasn't working out because usually only one of them was actually doing the chore while the other one was watching or playing. So I decided to split them all up to and give them all separate chores so I can see who is not doing their part. It works out much better and conquers laziness. If they don't do their chore before lunch then they don't eat. Same for dinner. Works good. :D

P.S. If you are lost about what's going on. We have another family living with us for a little while. A mom and her 3 kids. Add a little one that I babysit and that makes 9 kids. Wow! Amazing. I have a new respect for larger families. You know, I always wondered what it'd be like but it's very possible when their is organization in the home and everyone does their part. I learned this the hard way. :P

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Glad things are going well with individual chores. :] And yes, that is a very cute pic of little Kyle!