Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Hunt is On!

The pics speak for themselves! :D In the morning, eight kids woke up to the surprise of an Easter basket. We kept the tradition this year of new summer beach towels. They loved that! Lots of candy and even more candy was to come as they hunted for eggs at our house after church. Once we released the kids for egg hunting, I just knew to stand flat against the wall. LOL! So you can see Ryan and his granddad in the first picture counting the money he found in the assortment of eggs. I love the picture of Ashley and her daddy (my awesome hubby) holding her bag. Martin and Maureen, Charles' parents, came and they brought eggs also for us to hide. The kids had lots of fun. :) First and foremost though, we visited God's house to celebrate Jesus on the special day. The most important event and glorious to celebrate!

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