Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Award Goes To....The Most Annoying!

I helped someone move all night again last night and didn't get home till 4am.  But through it all I had a great discussion and thought a lot about "stuff".

On the subject of sleep deprivation, why is that the one time you are grateful your little ones sleep in on a daily basis, they decide that today is the day to wake up at 6:45am?  What are the chances?  I was gonna put my boys on the bus and then lay back down.  But nooooo....  :)  Oh well, tough cookies. Things like this only make you stronger.

Last night while moving, the people we were helping asked a neighbor last minute if he could help.  Well, he was really drunk and made sure to take lots and lots of alcohol breaks.  Each time he came back drunker. AND Each time he made sure to tell me he wished he was 40 years younger because I reminded him of his first wife he gave up and regretted it.  He said "I've gone through 4 wives and none of my kids talk to me but, hey, my life turned out great anyway!"  I just smiled and kept working.  Then he'd say "Oh, beautiful Jenny.  You are such a hard worker.  If only this world had more like you."  Then a second later, "Get to work!  We don't have all day!"  Yada Yada.  9 hours later we are still working and this is what I heard the entire time.  It was kind of annoying but he kept us on our toes. He wouldn't let us take breaks so we had to sneak taking breaks when he'd go to get more to drink.  Once I ran and ate a brownie.  Another time I ate a cold pizza and scarfed it down before he could catch me. I never, ever, ever worked so fast in my life. Ever!  Especially overnight with no sleep.  He kept ranting and raving about life and clutter people in general.  LOL.  He'd follow me around and tell me about his past, all while I was packing up and loading boxes. If we ever slowed down to take a breath, he'd clap his hands and say "Get to work!"  I just kept a smile on my face and kept working.  I rarely ever said anything back. He probably thought I was awesome because he thinks I don't talk. Guys think girls talk to much.  Boy, if only he knew. I have plenty to talk about.  But, made me just want to work faster and get out of there.  It was really tough.

How did I handle such annoying behavior and not punch anyone out?  Well, there a few people I'd like to thank.  Imagine me standing at a podium with a fancy dress on.

"Thank you for this award I am receiving for tolerance and patience! I would like to thank several people.

  • I'd like to thank my sisters for annoying me to the point of tears. Without you I'd think my kids were the only ones that did this stuff.  Thank you for letting me annoy you back and ten times more so I could get it out of my system before adulthood.

  • I'd like to thank all the parentless people who seem to have the very best parenting advice while you're standing in line with a crying child in a store and are getting dirty looks for others.  You've taught me how to do the famous "Just smile and nod".  I use it all the time.

  • I'd like to thank those family members who seem to find fault in me all the time in every way. Without you,  I might think I never had faults and could possibly have a big head.  You keep me in my place. P.S. I love you.  

  • I'd like to thank the bossy friends growing up who had to order everyone around and say who was allowed to go first on the playground slide or who could be friends with who.  Without you, I might not learn to stand up for myself and be my own person. Thanks for letting me practice on you.
I could give sooo much more but I don't want to take up all your time here at the awards ceremony.  I love you guys and I love you mom and dad!  Peace!  Spread your wings and fly!"
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