Saturday, April 23, 2011

Organizationally Challenged

I've lived in my house now for 4 years and I've slowly (quickly?) seen my house become more and more cluttered. When I first moved in I remember saying  to my husband "Man, it is so easy to clean because we don't have any clutter!"  Now, I can't say that anymore. Actually, I'm not a compulsive shopper.  It's just stuff given to me through hand-me-downs, birthdays, Christmas, for no reason, etc.  In fact, today my husband and I went out to the mall, then to Big Lots, and some other places.  I constantly was gasping at the prices of things and would put it back.  It also makes me put something back when I realize we don't need it. If we don't need it, I don't want.

So I found Organization Junkie through A Slob Comes Clean and I'm gonna start on their current project called 52 Weeks of Organizing.  It's just a different project every week to tackle so it's not overwhelming.  Between homeschooling, meals, laundry, mothering, rescuing, diapering, and being an attentive wife, it's just hard to find the extra time to organize.  I can't break things down in simple steps so I really need this help.  I just look at the whole picture and think "no way."  So here is to a simpler and organized home!

My new "Brain Dumber!"
Another weakness I have is losing track of dates and needs.  So I went out and bought a notebook and put in dividers of different sections of things I need to keep track of.

  • Reviews
  • Grocery
  • Bills
  • Meals
  • Church
  • Projects
  • Needs/Wants
  • Appointments
  • 52 weeks Plan

    Book on left is Get it Together by Cindi Ferrini
    I'm in LOVE!  I may be disorganized but that is why I'm a list lover.  When I don't dump out my brain onto a planner, it just weighs on my mind.  I'll lay awake thinking about it.  What am I forgetting?  Didn't someone say something about needing something?  Isn't there an appointment coming soon?  Agh!!  So I'm excited!

    Tabs to make it simple and easy to find.  ;) Here's to Virginia being less stressed and more blessed.  :D

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