Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Making Laundry Piles Less Scary

The bigger the family the more the laundry piles grow.  I mean, I know I've always wanted to hike some really well known mountains but when it comes to climbing laundry piles, I'd rather not.  We were only using one of these bins for our four boys.  But since I only wash all boys clothes every Friday, it would easily overflow EVERYWHERE.  Also, I don't always need to wash everything. Because the boys have so many shirts, I can just skip washing shirts till the next week and wash other stuff that's needed.  However, I would have to empty the huge bin in search for what I wanted to wash.  How annoying.  Instead, I separated everything.  

I KNOW it might seem weird to some people that I use (clean) garbage bins for hampers.  But has anyone else ran into actual hampers these size?  I haven't.  Now, if Friday comes and they have plenty of pants and shorts but still need shirts or other things washed, I can go straight to those bins.  There is enough room to not have it all overflowing anymore.  Oh, thank goodness!  We will be doing this in the girls room and in mine and Charles' closet.   Except for my closet, we'll use the 3 smaller hampers ran than these huge bins.

 Here is how I labeled them and since all the boys can read, well, this will be a cinch for them.  They are good at separating things.  Now if only I can get them to pick up after themselves all the time....ahhh...

Welp, they'll finally get it when they are gone and married at least. Hopefully.  I train them on it every-single-day.

They don't use up enough of these items to require separate bins so this works.  
Well, since I won't be hiking mountains in their room anymore, I guess I'd better go buy a treadmill or something.
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