Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chores for Kids vs. Kid Slaves

But first I wanted to mention that I can't wait for summer!

Even the messes that come with it. I love that I get to wake up and the only agenda of the day is do our chores, go swimming, play games, and find fun places to go to.  Just have fun!  

We need to make a fun list of all the places we wish to visit.  Even the aquatic centers.  I'm sure others have them too but in our area, these are like smaller water parks that don't cost us a million bucks to go to.  It still has fun slides, toddler areas, diving boards, beach style pools.  So fun and only $1.50 for adults so kids are cheaper. Can't wait to make this list and put in my Brain Dumper.  The only thing is that because my husband works for a school district, that means no work in the summer.  So getting out will have to be creative money wise.  Ahhh... we'll find a way though!  :D

I think we'll have some play zones, like the kitchen tables will hold puzzles and board games.  Another area will be the lego area.  They have their Wii, PS2, and the XBox 360 with Kinect is coming soon.  I can't wait for some exercise programs I'll be using with it!  Another one they have is where you can "Play at the zoo" and act like you are actually touching the animals.  That is so cool!  I love creative games like that.  I really need to get a kickboxing one for myself.  Then I can record myself doing it so we can all have something to laugh at for late night entertainment.  Haha!  Also, for at night we already have a volleyball net up with spotlights.  

Aww...I know with 6 kids at home the messes in the house will be HUGE but that's why I switch to chores twice a day in the summer vs. only once a day during school season

By the way, on the subject or chores and the title of this blog.  I need to mention that I don't make the kids clean up after me...ever. The chores they have are only areas that they've had something to do with.  I don't make them clean my room, my kitchen, my bathroom.  Things like that.  They only focus on areas they are involved in including the living room and their own bathroom.  I didn't have kids to be my slave and nothing frustrates me more than jokes about how people had kids to have someone clean up after them.  Probably one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm still a homemaker and have my own responsibilities. However, if I had super clean kids that didn't make such super messes in areas they go in, I'd find a chore for them just because of work ethics.  THAT'S NOT our scenario so for now they're learning to pick up after all their stuff and it's actually a good amount for them.  When they get in their teens of course things could change. Especially in the kitchen but I'm not there yet.  Thank goodness.  I KNOW I have several cooks on my hands that are gonna want to take over which is fine with me. 

I used to attend this excellent group called Homemaker by Choice and they touched on the subject of chores and organization often.  They also mentioned about the issues of kid slaves.  I wish I could've kept going to their weekly meetings because it really helped me a lot.  Now they are on the radio with Focus on the Family which is really neat.  I went there when I was a new mom and I probably came in with wide eyes because I had no idea what I was doing at that point.  Ha! Lots of big families were there so they were definitely an influence on me.  Or maybe it was the bible.   There was one weird lady though that actually freaked out when I told her I was pregnant with my 3rd.  She said it was unfair to the other kids and how could I do that to my children?  My mouth dropped open and no one said anything to correct her.  That was my first experience to getting comments on family size.  Now, I get them all the time and I just smile and nod.  No point arguing with stinker heads.

I do come up with a polite remark at times.  Never a rude comment.  For example, "My, your hands are full!" My response:  I know, it's like a party all the time!  We're having a lot of fun".  :D  I NEVER get a negative response back to that one.  

Well, I helped a friend move till 4am and then got back up at 6:45am so I'm a Mombie today.  Not much is getting done as I'm just focused on keeping my kids alive today.  Maybe a burst of energy will hit me and I'll do something crazy like put away some clean socks. But who knows, that might do me in.
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