Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun and Crazy Stuff!

Easter was really great this year and also full of surprises and mishaps.

I got up extra early Sunday morning to make sure I could get us all looking nice and out the door in time for church.  I mean, we go to church 3 times a week but Easter is extra special.  :)

While looking down and writing notes in my new organized binder I made (in the church section) I heard a commotion and looked up.  I saw a guy flying up the stairs and out one of the emergency exit doors in the front of the sanctuary.  I've never heard such a stampede in church before.  I just know I saw about 10 or more men chasing this guy!  What the heck?  What freaked me out was that this guy came running up from where the nursery and women are downstairs.  My baby was down there!  There is no reason for any guy to go down there unless they are a dad.  But this guy was a stranger carrying a backpack and it was the second time he was caught down there.  The ushers had asked him to go back upstairs but he refused. To top it off, they had to tell the nursery workers to lock their doors.  The same time he was down there was when the workers heard the door handles being jiggled.  No moms go down there during the service unless they are called.  Our workers are awesome like that because they take such good care of the babies.  So I guess since this was happening and he was acting really strange, something happened a chase was in pursuit.  Good grief! I was shaking sitting in my seat wondering if all the babies were safe.  I didn't know that the workers were all told to lock their doors.  Thank goodness.  The other men ran out of instinct to make sure nobody or nothing was taken so the ushers were just protecting everyone.

Man, I never felt so SAFE in my life at church.  Sheesh.  Seeing all those guys out of instinct chase after him made me realize that I am sitting in one awesome church.  lol.

After that we went to see family at their house and it was wonderful to see people we hadn't seen in a couple of years!  While playing, the kids got really, really dirty and since we had to go straight back to church for the evening service, I was grateful that I had packed an emergency suitcase for the van.  Before we got to church, everyone that was dirty was able to change.

What a crazy, fun day!
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