Friday, April 08, 2011

Lets Talk About Poop

The mice are a week old now and just getting their fur.  It's been such a delight watching the birth and see them grow.  I can't believe I'm excited about MICE being multiplied in my house.  Kind of scary, right?  I now have 9 mice.  Thine House Now Has Nine Mouse.  Heh heh.  Trying to do a Kate plus 8 rhyming theme there.  Don't know if that made sense since it's technically mice.  I wouldn't touch them till now just to make sure mom won't reject them in any way.  I HAD to clean their cage.  Just couldn't take the smell anymore.  Ack.  Just passing by it made me want to pass out.  BUT they said NOT to clean the cage for a bit so I waited.  Now to get the bunnies to stop pooping in their cage. Well, you know, bunny poop is fantastic fertilizer.  Doesn't burn delicate gardens as much as chicken poop.  I just thought you guys wanted to know that.  Between Caleb pooping, my mice, rabbits, dog, and chickens... I should just be called The Poop Lady.  Instead of The Bird Lady.

Anyhow, here are the cute little ones. I had to clean their cage and temporarily put them in a bowl. Mommy was faithful to keep feeding them.  Apparently I have to turn them over in a bit to separate males from females.  I haven't felt like doing that just yet.  Also, I love animals so I don't want to sell them to the feed store knowing they'll probably be snake food.  I know it's natural and snakes have to eat but they are NOT eating my babies.  That's for sure.  I would feel so EEEVIL.

After I sanitized the whole cage, put new soft stuff down for them, the mom built her nest back up, I realized I hadn't clue their little blue igloo.  I'll just have to wait because I don't want to disturb them right away again.  The mom just gets perturbed whenever she has to fix her nest area.  I can't wait to see when the babies try to keep escaping and mom has to keep dragging them back in.  That's like the toddlers and the teen years all in one.  Ha.

This video is just after I put them back in their newly cleaned cage.  (Except for a cleaned blue igloo).  She is gonna try to take her babies back inside.  However, the 3 she takes in start nursing instantly so mom can't get the other ones just yet. When she tries to leave the cage (towards end of video), she ends up dragging the babies out with her that are still attached to her. Was funny!

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