Monday, April 18, 2011

Homemaking Burn Out

Sometimes I get in this burnout mode. Literally I'm so burned out I don't even want to wash another dish.  I DON'T want to cook another meal.   I don't want to wash another load.  I think what burns me out at times is how I often feel my ship is sinking and I'm furiously trying to rescue it.  If I ever do let go for a day or two and just relax with my kids, that'll be the day a member from one of our perfectionist families show up.  Not kidding.

Yes, I have a chore list for the kids that they follow at the same time every day.  I keep trying to tell myself that it's okay to have toys across the house.  But it's not just that, I'm pretty sure my kids change their clothes several times a day unneeded because the laundry piles just grow faster than it actually should. Cleaning up after themselves no matter how many times I remind them is almost nonexistent.  I LOVE to bake with all my heart, it's a therapy for me, but the clean up in the kitchen is a monster.  Even though I did freeze some meals, I didn't do the full 30 days. Instead I'm freezing meals for Sundays so I don't have to cook.  That leaves me 6 other days.  

I love, love, love, love having a large family and wouldn't trade it for a hand print free home.  I wouldn't trade it for my old desk job.  Nor would I trade it for my 40 hour a week paycheck.  I think moms just go through these times that she feels more like a super loser than a super mom.  Especially after having a bad day or a really hard and unproductive week. 

I decided it's about time for some serious, serious decluttering. Every day I have to AT LEAST find 10 items to donate. It's really hard for me to do that.  Not because I love things but because I always find a use for everything.  Just sick of the clutter that is making cleanup so hard for us as a family.  It's not fair to my husband, me, or my kids.  I have to SIMPLIFY badly.  When I first moved into my home we didn't have any of this clutter. Maintaining the house was SO easy that I got to spend a lot more time playing with my kids and taking them fun places. I need to get back to that.

Anyway, by Saturday I told the kids "We HAVE to get out and do something!  So I took them swimming since the weather is beautiful.  We had a lot of fun and it just felt really good to just let go of the frustration I was having and get out of the house.  Sometimes getting out is good medicine for a homemaker.  Coming back I always feel really refreshed.  Especially after church on Sunday.  I really need to learn to have a weekend off from everything and just have fun on the weekends. That's what I did on Saturday and Sunday and suddenly I don't feel so weighed down anymore.

I will praise you in this storm.

I lift my eyes unto the hills

Where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord

The Maker of Heaven and Earth.

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