Thursday, April 07, 2011

How Much Sports is Too Much?

Charles, Chaz, Coach, Ryan
From what I've seen with families in sports, I've gotten pretty scared to dabble in it.  I love the sportsmanship and learning to work in a team.  Also, it's just nice to get them out of video games and actually exercising.  Do you remember when you were little and all the neighborhood kids would be playing outside?  I wasn't playing with Barbies, I was riding my bike or jumping ramps. :)  Sports was a privilege to be a part of.  My street is completely empty of kids.  Every now and then I put my chair in the front yard and tell my kids to grab their bikes and skates.  Time to get some Vitamin D and exercise.

Chaz and Ryan chose basketball this year.  Because of the age requirements they were able to be on the same team.  Awesome!  Most of the kids on the team were new to basketball.  Chaz has played before but Ryan never has so Ryan got the Most Improved award!  We didn't care so much that they played for the champions, just that they played like champions.  I couldn't believe the last night they played.  There was a dad there that didn't like a call so he threatened the referee loudly and said he's gonna take the ref out and beat him with a bat.  Why was that guy not kicked out?  It was really sad that the kids had to witness that.  I really feel for his kid.

We all came to support Chaz and Ryan in getting
their metals.  :D
The book I'm reading, A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family, talks about how to juggle different kids in sports.  The more kids you have, having each kid in 3 sports now just sounds crazy.  So like Mary Ostyn, we also decided each kid would play in 1 sport a year and if we can, we rotate.  Ryan and Chaz just finished basketball season and now that the time is open again, it's Kyle's turn to pick.  Kyle is thinking about gymnastics.  :) I can't imagine if they were all in sports at the same time.  I don't want to have that Taxi Mom sticker on my van.  :P  Another good idea she had was not starting sports till the 1st grade. This is when they have a better idea about what they want to do.  So, with only 3 kids rotating in their sports, we'll see what happens when 3 more are old enough to join the rotation.

Kyle's cake face

Kyle asked if we alllll had to go to celebrate Chaz and Ryan getting their basketball metal.  I said "You bet!"  After he realized cake was involved he was happy he went!  Boys and their tummies, tee hee.  I have to admit, it was really awesome cake.  Coffee would have been a great addition to it. But that's just my coffee addiction talking.

Oh, by the way, I am having the worst luck with my alarm clocks lately.  I think it's about time to go get another one.  It's been real spotty when it decides to work. When that happens, the kids miss their bus.  They are home again today.  Not that they are crying about it but it's definitely making them spotty in their attendance at school.  Today was even a fun half day.  I apologized to the kids and gave them big hugs.  Of course I like to hog them to myself but that's gonna have to wait till summertime.  Even weirder is that when my alarm does work, sometimes I sleep straight through it.  Has that ever happened to you where you dream of an annoying loud beeping sound but you can't figure out the source?  In my dream I'll be running around trying to turn off all these alarms.  When I finally do wake up and shut off the actual alarm, it's about 30 minutes past and I'm annoyed. Yuck.  Not a fun way to wake up. 
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