Friday, April 15, 2011

Kids Keep You Young and Age You at the Same Time

Gosh, the kids always say things to make me either jump or laugh my head off.  I'm telling you, kids keep me young and age me at the same time.  I'm not sure how that works but HOLY COW.

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Today Ivy said, "Mom, I want boobies to the sky".

I said, "Ivy, someday you'll have boobies but not for a long time."

Ivy: "Well, I don't want them for awhile because right now I can walk around with my shirt off. When I get boobies I can't."

Me: "Ivy, you should still wear a shirt so go put one on."


The other day Kyle was sent home from school because he threw up.  On Field Trip Day!  Poor guy.  That just seems so wrong to get sick on a fun day.  What are the chances?  Well, the school called home and gave us the story of doom.  At least it was doom for some other kids too. 

While saying the Pledge of Allegiance, Kyle threw up and it hit the two kids in front of him.  It was their field trip day too.  They had to be sent to the nurse' office to hopefully find some spare clothes.  Yuck!  Kyle got sent home.  He has such a good attitude.  He never, ever complains about getting up and going to school every morning.  Chaz and Ryan?  Ohhh, their stories get more and more creative about why they can't go.  Seriously, this needs some working on.  Some day they'll work jobs. The right attitudes need to start now.  
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