Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is It Accurate to Describe Motherhood As An Actual "Job?"

I ran into this article called:

Is It Accurate to Describe Motherhood As An Actual “Job?”
You can read more by clicking on the link but to be honest, the way it's written left a bitter taste in my mouth.  Is it just my imagination that it seemed very negative?  What are your thoughts?

My comment on this:
I don't know.  I mean, I do VERY much consider this a job and a life style.  I quit the boring job I had to actually take care and raise my kids. I work much, much, much, much harder than I ever did working out in the field.  (Sales, receptionist, customer service).  I can't believe how many skills I had to gain with the six kids I have. It amazes me all the time.  Yes, it's a job and also relationship.  I never, ever imagined how much work would come with being a mom.  I'm not just cuddling a cute baby all day long.  I'm cooking, cleaning, organizing, debating, driving, changing, etc. The list goes on.  When my kids are all raised someday and I enter the work force again, working a retail job or any kind of customer service again will be a breeze for me.  "What?  You want me to take that call?  I get to sit in a chair uninterrupted with no diaper changing?  Huh?  I even get breaks throughout the day with no interruptions?  Wow!  What did you say?  I get a PAYCHECK?  Holy cow!"

LOL, just some thoughts I had on this. Made me laugh thinking out loud about it.

 I'm not putting anyone down that has to work.  Please don't get me wrong.  Back before I had a family, that was hard for me and some people work very demanding jobs (like my dad).  I just think this war and debate between women can be a little silly.  Everyone just has their own personal opinions on it.  That's that.

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