Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bows, Frills, and Pretty Girls

 In a contest I won these beautiful items for my girls.  Freshwater pearls and pink crystal bracelet.  I was going to just get a flower clip but asked if it could be a headband instead.  Plus the pink bow.  What a blessing!  Thank you Little Rozie for sending this!  My girls loved it and were excited when it came in the mail.  I'm hard pressed to keep them from wanting to wear them all the time.  You make really beautiful things.

Ashley playing in the sand

I love my little girls.  Even though they are emotional, cry over the little stuff, have their daddy wrapped around their finger, use their little bottom lip to try to convince us that the dolly in the window needs a home, and they are clothes horses.  They are my girls.  They are sweet and I love dressing them up.  I have one daughter, Ashley, that loves the frilly stuff and one daughter, Ivy, that is a tomboy at heart and only likes to dress herself.  She only gets frilly on special occasions or with mommy's pleading. (Sunday church dressing up is a must though).

Ivy is so funny and says the silliest thing.  I heard her talking in a walkie talkie to her brother and she said:

"My dad's the president and he knows his Ninjas".


"Santa doesn't come to THIS house.  My daddy does!"
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